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Www Penis Com ks at Ye Youran s face and knows what Ye is thinking about in his Www Penis Com heart, so he comforted him.But the real beasts that are comparable to the Www Penis Com Lord God, even beyond the Lord God, are only a minority.In the Borne Sea, encounter the beast of the Lord God level, and the chance of winning the lottery is the same.So just be careful, it is not likely to be encountered Www Penis Com under normal circumstances.There is also ghosts in this Borne Sea is very familiar, the one of the Borne Sea with a powerful beast, he can know a seven seven eight eight.As long as they don t smash in the Baltic Sea, they can still be relatively safe as long as they avoid some powerful beasts.Hope Ye leisurely smiles in his heart, but he can Www Penis Com only comfort Www Penis Com himself.Under the leadership of ghosts, Ye Youran finally flew over the Baltic Sea.No need to say anything more than ghosts, Ye Youran is always behind the ghosts.Although there are many crises in the Borneo, there are still many beautiful scenery along the way.The ghost looked at Ye Youran s Www Penis Com look and sound, and couldn t help but laugh.Because at the bottom of the

Brahma, I don t know how many souls and bones are dead. However, there is no scam in the ghosts, and that is the sea Www Penis Com view of the Borne Www Penis Com Sea is really beautiful. Especially at the moment when the sun sets, the sea Www Penis Com surface is dyed golden yellow. The blue water is crystal clear, and which the best rating male enhancement for 2017 you can Www Penis Com even see the fish swimming nearly 100 meters underwater freely. If it wasn t for ghosts, I said that this Borne Sea has a beast of the Lord God level. Ye Youran really planted a sea view room on this Baltic Sea, and lived a how to increase cum production carefree life with his own woman every do oysters have omega 3 day. But monster dildo when I thought of the beast of the Lord God level, this thought just appeared, and it was ruthlessly annihilated by Ye. In the eyes of the Www Penis Com evil spirits of the Lord God Www Penis Com level, Ye Youran also lived uneasy. For the ghost ghosts, how far is it going If Www Penis Com there is no accident, follow our current speed, almost two months End of this chapter Chapter 1667 Devil Beast For two months, for a practitioner like Ye Youran, it is just between the fingers. Because with the improvement of Ye Youran, especially at home remedies for male enhancement in the case of Ye Youran has the time of

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God.If Ye Jieran is not interested in the billions of creatures in the fairy world, Ye Youran can t wait to hide Www Penis Com in the Golden Temple for three or five hundred years to Www Penis Com come out again However, in the case of the Boro Sea, facing the threat Www Penis Com of the beast of the main god level that may be rushed out at any time.Although it is relatively safe to be behind the ghosts of the predecessors.The threat can be too great, and Ye Youran is always difficult to completely Www Penis Com let go.Originally, Ye Yeran Www Penis Com still Www Penis Com wanted to hide in the Golden Temple, let the ghost predecessors take him on the road.In the words of the ghost predecessors, he can go there with his leaves this time.Can it be next time Or next time There is a stronghold of Confucianism now.Some Confucian monks who were lost or reborn in the past, once found, will be secretly placed there.Ghostly predecessors can t take Ye Youran every time, protecting Ye Youran.Let Ye Youran familiarize yourself with the dangers of Borneo in advance, which is only good for Ye Youran.You can even improve Ye s alertness, willpower, and battle experie

nce with the beast. And on this road, encountering some relatively weak roads and beasts, ghost ghosts will not even shoot. He is nutrigenix only guarding Ye Youran, only when Ye zytenz amazon leisurely meets an invincible opponent. However, after Www Penis Com ten days have passed, there is no chance for the ghost predecessors to take one shot at a time. Among them, the weakest are the beasts that Www Penis Com the Www Penis Com three or Www Penis Com four gods have cultivated. These fierce beasts in the hands of Ye Youran, almost only the fate of being black mature men spiked. However, in the first two days, Ye leisurely met Www Penis Com a beast that is comparable to the god of the Www Penis Com six factor rule. It is a flying tiger shark, very fast, and its fangs virectin walmart two penis can break the general artifact. And the power is endless, and the body s defe

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