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What Is Sperm Volume the possibility of degeneration.Add bookmarks for easy reading Chapter 1652 has both offensive and defensive Old gold, thank you very much.The golden body of the emperor left Ye Zuoran with What Is Sperm Volume three animals and four fruits and seven stars to continue the life, this is a great grace.Ye Youran really did not say such a sincere thank you to the Golden Body.It s just that if What Is Sperm Volume the golden body knows that Ye Youran is actually calling his old gold, he doesn t know what he thinks in his heart.As Ye Youran often uses time, the atmosphere of Ye Youran s time law What Is Sperm Volume is more and more intense, and it is more convenient What Is Sperm Volume to mobilize.Ye Youran s cultivation this time is mainly the refining and burning of the seven star renewal lamp.Although the three animals and four fruits are good things, they can increase the leaves and a lot of blood, and let What Is Sperm Volume the leaves leisurely cultivate more avatars.But no matter how What Is Sperm Volume many avatars are, Ye Youran s own life savings are important.Therefore, the three animals and four fruits can be kept and tried slowly.However, the seven star life saving What Is Sperm Volume lamp is a life saving thing, and it is also a weap

on for killing people. If it is the previous Ye leisurely want to refine the seven star life saving lamp is not easy. But now Ye Youran is already a six pronged god, and his body is compatible with several laws, or the law. The seven star life saving lamp has no spirit, so it is relatively easy to penetrex male enhancement pills reviews refine the leaves. It s just that the seven star life changing lamp is comparable to the eight factor ruled artifact. If there is a spirit, there may sexually suggestive foods even be an artifact of the nine What Is Sperm Volume factor rule. Ye leisurely spent a full half year to fully refine the seven star life. In the end, the seven star life What Is Sperm Volume changing lamp was turned What Is Sperm Volume into a swaying fire, and the fire was suspended in the sea of leaf What Is Sperm Volume leisurely. With this seven year old fire, Ye Youran s soul is long and qi, rx supplements even What Is Sperm Volume if the sex time increase tablet body is destroyed, the soul of Ye Youran can best sport vitamins be protected What Is Sperm Volume by fire and escape from birth. If Ye leisurely urges the seven year old fire to leave the body, if the god of the six product rule is accidentally fired close What Is Sperm Volume to the body, there is a danger of being burned to death. This time it took What Is Sperm Volume more than half a year to retreat, but it was only less than

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half a month before.In the future, Ye Youran has more power to promote this time, and Ye Youran can consider closing it once and training more.After all, the Golden Emperor also said that Ye Youran is in a very embarrassing situation.Only the incarnation of their own What Is Sperm Volume body is that Ye Youran can truly trust without reservation.However, there are What Is Sperm Volume more avatars, and What Is Sperm Volume if the strength is not good, it will not help.He needs a lot of war, and all the gangs on the Dengtian Peak are constantly being annexed.As long as Ye Yiran unified Deng Tianfeng, he can collect a large number of artifacts and treasures.The avatar cultivated by such What Is Sperm Volume a leaf can achieve the same cultivation as the deity, and even surpass the cultivation of the deity.Only in that way, the avatars are sent out and entered into the outer heavens, in order to collect more information for Ye What Is Sperm Volume Youran.Ye Youran has not What Is Sperm Volume yet been able to deal with Tiandao, and can only deal with the minions under Heaven.It s just that Ye s leisurely strength is low, although there have been more than a thousand avatars.Now the information that those avatars can give back

to Ye What Is Sperm Volume Youran is extremely limited and of low value. At least Ye Hao is very keen to the best testosterone supplement know the current situation in the fairy world, but no information can be found. If Ye s leisurely avatar can reach the god of the law, even are male enhancement pills permanent the god of the gods. They can owe their allegiance to the powerful strengths of the Supreme Masters and invade the hot tamil video hub of these powerful forces. So breaking from the inside is much more labor saving than leafing yourself from the outside. That is, they can lurk into some ordinary forces or families, become male sex enhancement pill slaves What Is Sperm Volume and even enslaved slaves. This leaves all the avatars What Is Sperm Volume of the leaves will have a bright and beautiful origin. If the cultivation of the future is improved, and to loyalty to the more powerful Zongmen and forces, you can have an What Is Sperm Volume innocent body. Otherwise, a sudden peerless power, mysterious What Is Sperm Volume to no past, which big forces What Is Sperm Volume dare What Is Sperm Volume to reuse Be aware that no matter what forces or families, the people under them What Is Sperm Volume will vigorously investigate. This is why Ye Youran has sent more aphrodisiac extract than a thousand avatars in advance. The only thing that makes Ye leisurely regret is tha

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