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Virile Male Enhancement Pill ected the Emperor s House, Virile Male Enhancement Pill which was transformed into the Golden Body Hall, and put the real Emperor s House back to the original place.At the same time, Ye Youran still Virile Male Enhancement Pill left an body avatar to lead the 40,000 Pan ant army to guard this real Emperor.Ye You Ran just wants Virile Male Enhancement Pill to leave an incarnation of the body, the main reason is not only to ensure their safety.Although Ye Youran already has 16 incarnations, the Tianting site has a lot of crisis, and Ye Youran can live from the Tianting site and say two things.Staying here is an incarnation of the body, and if the leaf is degraded, he can also be reborn by this incarnation.In other words, Ye Youran only took fifteen incarnations to go to the Tianting site.At the same time, Ye Youran took the number seven and the footless bird.The footless bird has a characteristic that Virile Male Enhancement Pill it can no longer be stopped after taking off.Fortunately, Ye Youran has a place where the self contained space Virile Male Enhancement Pill of the Golden Body Hall.Ye Youran received the footless bird in the Golden Temple, let it maintain Virile Male Enhancement Pill Virile Male Enhancement Pill flight in the Golden Temple.

In sleep minerals the end, Ye Virile Male Enhancement Pill Ye leisurely reduced all the 16 incarnations that he had to take away into cells, and returned to the fingers of Ye Youran. This time I went Virile Male Enhancement Pill to the Tianting site to explore, it is a test that needs to pass the immortal. After entering the Tianting site in the future, Ye Youran will not find a way to replace his own deity with the number one. It where to get female viagra review of male enhancement products s Virile Male Enhancement Pill just that they hide their breath and don t alarm the average person in Blackwater City. Ye Youran also hides the breath, and does not alarm anyone, because many of these emperors from the fairy world may know Ye Youran. The way Ye Youran hides his breath is stronger than the average male enhancement stretchers Super Emperor. Ye Youran went directly to the Thunder Fire Gate, but what Ye Virile Male Enhancement Pill did not think of was that Lei Huomen is quite lively now, and it is simply a voice. End of this chapter Chapter 1364 Blackwater Virile Male Enhancement Pill Squad Ye You Ran This is the second time to Thunder Fire Gate. But this time to Lei blue liquid drugs Virile Male Enhancement Pill Huomen, Ye Youran saw a lot of familiar and strange people. The reason why they are familiar with it is that Ye Youran knows them, Virile Male Enhancement Pill and

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Ye Youran has fought side by side with them.That is the strong power of those Virile Male Enhancement Pill who are super class forces in Blackwater City.Ye Haoran Virile Male Enhancement Pill saw them at the gate Virile Male Enhancement Pill of the city when Ye Youran arrived at the Blackwater City on the first day of the attack.The reason why they are strange is that they are only one side, and they have never even spoken.However, let Ye Youran feel a little bit of peace of mind, Ye Youran saw the disappearance of the emperor, and of course, Xue deputy.Ye brothers, you can go out, you have to go out again, I can t help but want to get you out.Long time no Virile Male Enhancement Pill see, this time the trip to the heavenly ruins is only for you two Ye leisurely looked at the deputy emperor and the expressionless Xue deputy master.Therefore, Xue s deputy master saw Ye Youran, his face remembered what happened in the hall of Taixu Zong, and his face was naturally not very good.He did not come to provoke Ye Youran, and Ye Youran naturally would Virile Male Enhancement Pill not take care of him.If he wants Virile Male Enhancement Pill to find Ye Youran s troubles, even if he looks at the face of the undisciplined emperor

, he will Virile Male Enhancement Pill not kill him, but Virile Male Enhancement Pill he vigor labs black snake male enhancement capsules will not give him face. And no trace of Emperor also Virile Male Enhancement Pill Virile Male Enhancement Pill quietly told Ye Youran, not just too imaginary. After all, the watermelon sex drive death rate of the expedition of the Tianting site is too high, and no one can say that one hundred percent of them can live. The temptation of the ruins of the heavens is hot sex men too great, so it is the lords or gatekeepers of the major forces who participate Virile Male Enhancement Pill in the expedition. Even the masters or gatekeepers ultimate orange pills of the major forces have already explained the good things to go. The reason is very simple, I am afraid that I can t live Virile Male Enhancement Pill away from the Tianting site. As for Virile Male Enhancement Pill why the main forces or the main forces of the major forces mainly participate in person, the how to make a woman wet with words reason is very simple and very realistic. If the person who sent the expedition got a heavy treasure, it might not be handed over to Zongmen. And if the people who sent the expeditions have a great opportunity

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