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Saffron Def f Ye Youran.He is not willing to spend a lifetime in the Xue family, and Ye leisurely yearns for a wonderful life outside of happiness and enmity.Xue, you see my life is very similar to you, you see if we can do this.When Ye Youran told his life Saffron Def to Xue, Ye Youran said with enthusiasm There are common enemies.Because she is too beautiful, no one will reject beautiful things, especially when men are treating beautiful women.If Cher does not ask Ye to marry her, but Saffron Def try to communicate with each other, first talk about love, and Saffron Def then talk about marriage.If you are not shouldering the fate of life, Ye Youran may have been looking for a woman to spend the month.He does not want to Saffron Def do the instinctive behavior that only animals have.But she is not so good to Saffron Def lie, but actually insisted on going to the cave with Ye Youran.Snow patriarch, why don t you Saffron Def understand Ye leisurely said with some irritability You let me fulfill you, let you carry forward the Xuezu, but you can t let me give up the fairy world and give up my destiny Ye Saffron Def Youran has been very patient, if not the repair of Ye Youran is not enough.Because he foun

d that this snow is a family, but she does not seem to understand anything. Lack of tempering and experience, Saffron Def her mind is really like her looks, Saffron Def the Saffron Def girl s heart, recognize the child. The painful look flashed from her face, and the screams of heartbreaking screamed out of her mouth. On the other hand, it is a hot anger, that is the breath of the red lotus industry. At this moment, Ye Youran finally understands why Cher is so anxious 30 pill and leaves a leisurely room. It is no wonder that Xuefeng and Shui Shu will go to the vitamin world male enhancement pills small water pool to win the red lotus fruit. The poison of ice and snow and the poison of red lotus industry fire together, the feeling of two ice and fire is absolutely uncomfortable. The power of Ye Youran s merits is the nemesis of the red lotus industry s poison, he Saffron Def can help the snow to resolve the poison. But the poisonous leaves of the ice and snow can no longer be solved with the Saffron Def power of big dick rape merit The patriarch, massive penis growth what Saffron Def happened to you And Saffron Def with the screams of Saffron Def Cher. When she saw that the leaves were neatly dressed, and Cher was screaming sinrex pills male enhancement in pain. She suddenly glared at Ye Youran What the hell are you gri

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nding Obviously, she is blaming Saffron Def the leaves and leisurely and not having a husband and wife.Perhaps at Saffron Def this moment, he Saffron Def said nothing is appropriate Lord, I beg you to save my Snowman patriarch Suddenly, an old man of the old dragon clock gave Ye Youran a sigh.He is Saffron Def also the elder of the Xue Saffron Def family, and Ye Saffron Def Youran also cannot see his cultivation. Ye leisurely wants to lift him up, but Ye Yaoran that point of strength, where can pull him.Where can someone ask for someone else s patriarch Father, Xuefeng begged you to save my mother.I don t know how many times the snow peaks rushed forward, but also gave Ye Youran down.What is this called on his stall That kind of thing is not like this Where can a son ask for help Even if Ye Youran s old face is thicker than the city wall, he is not hot.But looking at the painful appearance of Cher, Ye Xiaoran was somewhat unbearable.Are you a man Finally, the big elder who is like the mother in law is worried.If at this time someone knows what Ye Youran thinks, he is afraid that he will kill him A big man, how can he make it look like he is suffering You give me a hole in the ho

use immediately, otherwise my sister has any problems, I killed you. The mother in law s elder elder sword Saffron Def was out of the sheath, pointing at the leaves and screaming angrily. Ye Youran was Saffron Def really defeated by her, and smiled bitterly You have to give me out the cave house Do you want to watch the live broadcast here End of this chapter Chapter 1634 Refining Law Fire Dan Ye leisurely really does not want this. But so many people in the entire Xue male enchancement family pleaded, and Cher himself did not have any Saffron Def opinions. What about Ye Saffron Def Youran Want him Saffron Def to die buffalo 9000 male enhancement Seeing that this kind of thing can t be saved, Ye Youran can do it, but Ye Xiaoran s little life is afraid to finish it. In this high ranking Xuezu, their patriarchs have problems, and Ye Youran must have to lay the bottom of the coffin. Ok Some people women as enhancement for mistakes in male gender may laugh at Ye Youran, saying that sex stimulants for male he is a hypocrite, dr who sexy false and serious, and the beauty is still pushing the three. Especially when the white and Saffron Def innocent body of Cher appeared in front of Ye Youran. Ye Youran s all reason is

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