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New Premier Group any years.The two can compete New Premier Group on the same stage, and many people are full of expectations for them.But no one knows that these two people are already enemies of New Premier Group life and death.You are not today, you are not today, you are old and turned into a bone.Sun New Premier Group You stood opposite Ye Youran, as if he was a reborn parent of Ye Youran, as if he had a New Premier Group great grace for Ye Youran.Is not it Sun Youwei smiled To put it bluntly, you are a dog I have raised.When I don t need you, you should be killed by me because I have raised it.Ye leisurely angered and laughed When you killed me, you have already paid off all your kindness to me.The moment of this moment is like killing God, his eyes seem to be able to spur the fire of hatred.The ancient magical refining technique is the magical power that I have taught you.The next moment, Sun You also screamed The body of the fairy, the madness of the moon.End of this chapter Chapter 1186 is too big a disparity Sun You has never opened his own special physique.Because his own cultivation is New Premier Group already the New Premier Group pinnacle of the great Luo Jinxian.With such strength and his means o

f poisoning, no one is qualified to let him open a special constitution. A more terrible smell than common aphrodisiac rap the general strong in the safe male enhancement pills early days of male enhancement pills snl the day, suddenly vented. And the same applies to the madness of the moon after the madness of the magic. The breath of Sun You s body is even more terrible than the New Premier Group breath of the mid term strong. The practitioners who were slightly lower in the audience could not feel the pressure. Although the opening of the glass and the same use of the mad magic New Premier Group of the moon, the blessing of the magical powers. Even the amplitude is very limited, just comparable to the late stage of the Da Luo Jinxian. The general mid term strong position is not necessarily the opponent of Sun You The five hospitals in this session New Premier Group have had too New Premier Group many surprises. But this time, Sun sex toys with free shipping You has the strength to New Premier Group be comparable to the New Premier Group mid term strong. Unexpectedly, the hope of Sun You s stable championship is still very big. The breath of these two people is even a look and even the supernatural powers seem to be somewhat similar Do New Premier Group they have herbal male enlargement the same door, or do they have a certain blood relationship The eye

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s New Premier Group of the audience are bright.So for the most part, the two will still give people a similar feeling.Even at the moment when Ye Yeran fell back, many people could clearly hear the sound of bones creaking.That is because under the strong pressure, the bones on the arms of Ye Youjun are oppressed and dislocated.Although Ye Youran New Premier Group was injured, but Ye Youran s face did not have the slightest expression, and even the hatred of Sun You did not decrease.Hey Just because you want me to die Are you worthy Sun Youzhi stood still in the same place, looking down at Ye New Premier Group Youran coldly.Like a king looking down at the courtiers who are crouching in front of themselves.At New Premier Group the same time, Ye leisurely flew out the New Premier Group new fish sausage, mixed in the cold knife storm.And Ye Youran himself is like an arrow from the string, rushing to Sun You.The hatred between Ye Youran and Sun You can be seen even if it is a blind man.Moreover, Sun You is the body of the fairy, and after blending two souls, his mental strength is not weaker than Ye Youran.The power of his soul also formed a variety of god soldiers, directly New Premier Group breaking th

e leafy knife storm. As for Ye Youran s new fish sausage, he has nothing to do with Sun You s powerful spirit. When top men multivitamin he was in the mortal world, Sun You was studying medical skills all his life. Therefore, in his years at New Premier Group the Pharmaceutical New Premier Group Theological Seminary, Sun You has already cultivated to the point of horrifying. This New Premier Group group of poisonous fog penis enlargement kits is made up of ten thousand and eighty kinds of highly toxic New Premier Group substances in the fairy world. If Ye Youran continues to blast to New Premier Group him, he will certainly buying aphrodisiac be poisoned, alphamanpro is a male enhancement and will be turned into blood for a moment. The most important thing is that this group of poisonous premature ejaculation pills review fog New Premier Group actually has a strong yin and suffocation, so that Ye is very jealous. Therefore, at this critical moment, Ye Youran suddenly seized the momentum. At the moment when Ye Youran stopped, Sun You was passing through the poisonous mist unimpeded. Ye Youran had long expected New Premier Group that Sun You would take the opportunity to attack.

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