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Cats can be very particular and many owners will have experienced the frustration of buying a new toy only to find that kitty is not interested. Of course, cats are very intelligent animals, so it is important that they are provided with proper stimulation, especially if they spend the majority of time indoors. However, which toys will keep a cat occupied and which will be ignored? Here are just a few of the cat toys that you may like to consider for your feline friend.

Fishing/Wand Toys

Fishing or wand toys are incredibly simple; they consist of a stick with a piece of string and some fluff or feathers on the end. Despite the simplicity, a cat’s interest in this toy will last as long as you are willing to play. One of the main reasons that these toys are so effective is that they appeal to the cat’s natural instinct to hunt small mammals and birds. Therefore, swiping, chasing and pouncing on the small toy at the end of the stick is great fun for them.

There are many wand toys to choose from, but generally it is best to go for a lightweight model, as this will provide more fun for your cat. However, depending on how rough your cat likes to play, you may find that the end of the toy gets broken and will need to be replaced.

Jingling Balls

Another very simple toy that appeals to the natural inclinations of the cat is a ball. A ball gives the cat an opportunity to chase and, as the cat’s paws bash the ball, it will roll across the room. This is the type of toy that a cat can amuse itself with, but there is an opportunity for human involvement if you care to join in. I specified jingle balls, because cats particularly enjoy balls or bubbles that make a sound, but you may find that your cat likes an ordinary ball just as well.

Small Fabric Toys

Again, typically it is the toys that do something, like make a sound or have some visual stimulation, that are most popular with cats. A small cloth or fabric toy that does nothing will not be as successful however. Unless, of course, it contains catnip, which is a real winner with the majority of cats.

Springy Toys

Like a fishing or wand toy, spring toys are incredibly popular, because they allow the cat to

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