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Gnc Lincoln ck and bow, now let s take a look at the auction Ye leisurely smiled and worshipped.Ye leisurely does Gnc Lincoln not matter, if you can really make a few enchanting geniuses who can safely hand over the back to each other in the fairy world, Gnc Lincoln it is also beneficial to Ye Youran.It s just that it s an auction house, Gnc Lincoln obviously not the best place to worship.The most important thing is that after a long list of instructions by Fang Shu.The red cloth that was covered in the ancient treasures has been opened.Yes, Gnc Lincoln this is the Taijun Dan furnace of the ancient treasure, don t look at it is just a piece of debris, but as long as it is stimulated by Xianyuan, it will still Gnc Lincoln have a Gnc Lincoln complete shadow of the Dan furnace.Fang Shu shouted hard Also, there are nine days of Xuanhuo s fire in the fragments of this Taijuntan furnace.If you have a chance Gnc Lincoln in the future, if you get other pieces and let this Taijuntan furnace restore its original appearance, Even if it is compared to the general artifact, I am afraid that it will not be much more.Under the stage, someone can t wait to urge Fang Shu, don t say it, the legend of Taijun Dan furnace we have heard of it, hurry to open the reser

ve price, let us bid End of this chapter Chapter 1108 Secret History of the Fairy Perhaps the entire auction site, only Ye Youran is very strange to this so called Tai Jun Dan Gnc Lincoln furnace Because Ye Youran has already Gnc Lincoln seen the surprised look ageless male vitamin of Bai Zifan and others. Because it best multivitamin with minerals has both offensive Gnc Lincoln and defensive, the most important thing is that this piece of the Taijuntan furnace still contains the fire of nine days of Xuanhuo. Nine day Xuanhuo, from the name, is much more powerful than the three flavored real fire. Ye Youran is now the time to have a strong flame The goblin is a good hand to control the flame. It sex classes for adults is a Gnc Lincoln pity that with the improvement Gnc Lincoln of Ye Youran s cultivation, the three flavored real fire of the goblin and the beast has already shown a situation of Gnc Lincoln lack of success. In the face of the strong Gnc Lincoln man of Gnc Lincoln the Golden Wonderland, the three flavors of real fire may be okay. But aphrodisiac erotic stories once you meet the big Luo Jinxian, the threat of the three flavors of real fire to the mighty of the great Luo Jinxian is much smaller. If Ye Youran can get the fragments of the Tai Jun Dan furnace, it is very valuable because of the nine top male breast enhancement techniques day Xuan fire. The starting price of this Taiju

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ntan furnace is one hundred high grade Xianshi.Although they also know that it is absolutely impossible to photograph the Gnc Lincoln fragments of the Taijuntan furnace.The private room on the second floor Gnc Lincoln is not a separate house, but a semi independent auditorium separated by two partitions.But the Gnc Lincoln one who can go to the second floor is at least the third rate family in the city.Because this wealth is a lot of people who can t struggle for the rest of their lives.And every time the price increase Gnc Lincoln is hundreds, or even thousands of high level singers.Ye Youran now adds up all Gnc Lincoln the sacred stones in the Golden Temple, but it is only one or two thousand.However, the price of the Taijuntan furnace soon climbed to 5,000 high grade Xianshi.At this time, the bidding on the second floor began to gradually slow down.But everyone Gnc Lincoln knows that the real highlight is not on the second floor, but on the third floor.The talents on the third floor Gnc Lincoln are the real rich and powerful, and they are the real masters of the big money.It s just that they are obsessed with face and they didn t participate in the auction at the beginning.If someone on the third floor looks at this Taijun

tan furnace, its price can definitely climb to the point where the second floor family can t afford gnc store nearby it. You guess what the height of the pieces of the Taijuntan furnace will reach at the end Bai Zifan suddenly asked very curiously. Because she is the owner great testosterone booster of the Treasures, her estimate is the most accurate. The market value of the fragments of this Taijuntan furnace should be around 10,000 high grade Xianshi. If it is normal, those big what is viagra families who fight for each other for the so called face, the pieces of this Taijuntan furnace should not be viagra for women cvs less than 20,000. Zeng Fei did not let everyone down, she said, sinking into her mouth But, if there is no accident, the final transaction price of this Taijuntan furnace should not be higher than 15,000. Hong Meng Gnc Lincoln was straightforward and asked, the first one asked Gnc Lincoln Why So many people Gnc Lincoln Gnc Lincoln today, sex how to do everything wiki isn Gnc Lincoln t it the day they are Gnc Lincoln rich The crowd once again looked at

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