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Extendz independent consciousness.Although its body grew up in a short time because of the leaf s leisurely feeding with blood.It needs to go through a little bit of experience, to remember to grow.Ye Youran certainly has no time for it to go back to the old road of Ye Youran.And many of Ye s experiences are not reproducible, or that no one s experience can be copied.So there will be a classic saying a thousand people have a thousand Hamlet in their hearts.Therefore, as long as Ye leisurely instilled all his Extendz memories into Extendz the body avatar.Ye Youran instilled all his memory, even the Extendz memory of breastfeeding during the baby s childhood, instilled it.Because any slight difference can lead to two completely different soul individuals.It was repaired to the point where Ye Youran is now, not to mention the memory of the baby.Even if he is still in memory of his mother s baby, he can fully remember it.Because these subconscious Extendz memories will be excavated with Extendz the improvement of Ye Youran.It is only those memories that are not necessary in Extendz normal times Extendz that are instinctively sealed by Ye Youran s brain.Only when Ye Youran deliberately remembers, those memories will

emerge. Both Ye Haoran s body avatar and Ye Youran s deity have once again experienced all their memories. Especially when Ye Youran was only a mortal, some of the ups and downs size on gnc and later Ye Yelan became a family, and had their own children. It has been for many years, and I don t know how the children in the mortal world are doing. Although Ye Youran is a woman who accompanied her, she walked through the leaves of a living and then flew up to the fairy world. But in the fda approved male enhancement pills 2017 planet, there are children of Ye Youran, and the empire Extendz created by Ye Youran, and many people he cares about. Then, Ye Youran and his incarnations met each other, and then the two laughed at male enhancement pills problem in florida the vacuum pump for male enhancement same time. Because of a Extendz lot of things, a lot Extendz of words are connected herbal male enlargement to each other. Even many times, Ye Youran can t tell which one is his own deity, and which one is his own incarnation This feeling is really amazing. 1 to the Golden Body Hall and let it appear in the retreat room of the Treasure Pavilion. Then control the golden body to turn into Extendz a dust, let the number one swallow Extendz the belly. As long as Ye Youran s Extendz deity enters the Golden Temple, the entrance to the Golden Temple cannot be completely shield

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ed.If the real strongman is careful, he Extendz can still detect the entrance Extendz of the Golden Temple and force it in.And Ye Youran is in the golden body hall, and what he saw and Extendz heard on the 1st can even appear directly in Ye s mind.The most convenient thing is that Ye Youran Extendz doesn t need to control the behavior of No.Therefore, everything outside, Ye Youran handed over to the number one full authority.This is because it inherits Ye Haoran s excellent genes, and it is cultivated by the leaves to be fed with blood.You should know that when the leafy golden body of the leaf was not advanced.Only after the glazed gold body advanced to the fourth heavy, Ye Youran had the later cultivation of the current Tianzun.Its cultivation may break through the peak of the heavenly environment and surpass the Ye Youran deity.That difficulty is not small, Ye Youran has Extendz no way to find so many ancient treasures for it, even artifacts.If there is an artifact, Ye Youran will also use it for the deity, and will not be willing to give it to the body.After all, the incarnation of the body is ultimately an incarnation of the body, and the value of the deity is greater.If you are in dang

bananan an aphrodisiac er, you will definitely sacrifice yourself to Extendz save the deity without hesitation. On the 1st, this time did not change the super hard power pill appearance Extendz and shape, Extendz but directly out of the retreat room Extendz with do free testosterone boosters work the original face of Ye Youran. The inexplicable two people Extendz who stayed Extendz at medical penile pumps the door were first glimpsed, and even greeted with respect. Before the leaf leisurely before the retreat, the display of the repair is the edox testosterone male enhancement gnc mid term of Extendz the Tianzun. After retreating now,

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