The Best Interactive Cat Toys For Indoor Cats to Buy in 2018

best cat toys 2018 by cat owner

⦁ Many cat owners consider cats to be solitary creatures who would rather be alone. That is not the case because they need attention, love and a lot of activities to stay healthy. The right toys for indoor cats should keep your cat entertained for hours.

⦁ Your cat’s interests and personality are just as important when you start looking for the best cat toy. It’s worth it because you can entertain your cat, increase her intelligence and stimulate her mind. You need to understand your cat type and then choose a cat toy that will attract it’s attention.

✔️ If you want to buy fun and cheap cat toys for indoor cats you are in the right place.

✔️ We have divided the top cat toys in different categories to make your decision easier.

⦁ Each cat toy has its purposes and engages the cat’s instincts. It’s best to buy different types of cat toys that stimulate chasing, searching, punching, jumping, and other cat behaviors. Playing with your cat keeps it happy and healthy and also builds a strong bond between you.

⦁ Searching for the perfect cat toy can be a challenge because there are endless options. You’ll be happy to find out Cat Owner did the best cat toys research.

✔️ We’ve done the reviews of the best cat toys on the market and have choosen the top picks for interactive cat toys, catnip toys, mouse toys, and laser toys so you don’t have to.

✔️ We understand that if you’re going to spend your money on  cat toys, you would like to buy something your cat will love!

Purrfect™ Meowing Hamster


Your cat will love the meowing hamster. It is soft and cute and at the same time reciprocates the cat’s voice. It is ideal interactive cat toy that is available in three different colors.
?It is soft plush soft toy for cats and other pets.
?It can repeat what others say, in any language.
?Available in three color, grey, brown and deep brown.
?Good for hobby collection or to gift someone.
✔️This is awesome cat toy everyone in your house will love!
✔️It can repeats anything it heard in the last 5 seconds.

Tower Of Tracks Cat Toy


Every kitty loves to play with balls and yours is no different. Get them this toy and you will find that they will not lose another toy under your couch.
?Three exciting levels where your cat will look for balls.
?It is made up of safe plastic.
?The base diameter is 24.5 cm and the top diameter is 15.5 cm
?The height of this indoor cat activities toy is 13 cm
?There are three balls in it.
✔️As the colourful balls spins round and round your cat will chase and try to catch.
✔️Ideal for cats to play with when you are not around.
✔️The non-skid pads on the bottom let the toy stay at one position while your cat plays with the balls at three different levels.

Catch The Mouse Cat Toy


Your cat will develop it’s hunting skills with this catch the mouse toy. It can play for hours with the toy whereby it needs to catch the mouse.
?The toy is made up of plastic whereby it plays with the rat trapped in the ball
?It has a strong base that is non-slippery so that your cat can play for long.
✔️It gives your cat mouse hunting training
✔️It is safe to play with this toy
✔️You will not require any batteries to let your cat play with it

Mouse Teaser & Ball Track Toy


As the name suggest this simple cat toy is best for its 2in1 features
?It is available in various colors
?When your cat plays with it the ball track rings
?The toy at the top attracts the attention of the cat
✔️This is an interactive toy that will let your cat stay active and healthy
✔️Promotes playing with it for hours.

Cheap Cat toys

Who said that a cheap cat toy wouldn’t be entertaining. In this category you can find cat toys for indoor cats that are interesting and at the same time cheap compared to similar type of cat toys.

Mouse in A Cage Ball Toy


A small and cheap cat toy that will engage your cat. Place it on the cat’s bed and watch your cat playing with it.
?A simple toy with a mouse trapped inside a cage
?The cage in available in different colors
?The cage is made up of metal and the mouse of soft material
?The diameter of the ball is approx. 6.2 cm
✔️This is indeed good cat toys for indoor cats.
✔️They love to play with the mouse trapped inside the ball
✔️It is safe and not harmful for your cat.
✔️It is cheap and good return on your money

White Crinkle Balls Review


These are cheap cat toys that are attractive and make the cats active while they play with them. The cats cannot resist the crinkly sound made by this toy.
?They are made up of light weight texture and thus are safe
?They are shiny that attracts the cats
?They make crinkly sound that will make your cat active
✔️It is a cheap and healthy choice for your cat
✔️Cats loves the bite and squeeze this ball and keeps playing with it
✔️The extra shiny color attracts cats and makes them active

Led Laser Pointer Cat Toy


This toy will excite your cat when it sees the laser lights. You can tease your cat for hours and he will surely enjoy it.
?Mouse animation is visible once you put the laser on any surface
?Made up of aluminium and plastic
?The mouse projection is lavender in color
?Led light is not harmful for the cat’s eyes
✔️It is an exciting way to engage your cat and build relationship with it
✔️The lavender color light is eye catching and yet not harmful for eyes
✔️The light is available on any surface including any light colors

Electronic Cat Toys

The electronic cat toys are modern ineractive cat toys that will help you keep your kitty busy, and in most cases you do not have to intervene. Normally, they are operated with electricity or batteries.

Electric Butterfly Cat Toy


If you do not want your cat to run in wild bushes for catching butterflies get this cat toys for indoor cats UK. This cat toy is amazing and one of the cheapest cat toys from this category. The butterfly will be such a tease when you switch the toy on. This electronic cat toy is one of the most stimulating cat toy for indoor cats that is also good for the health of your cat.
?This electric cat toy can make sound of butterflies fluffing so it gives your cat a real experience
?Your cat can hunt in a safe and engaging environment
?The toy consists of a base and two butterflies. They flutter around in 3600.
✔️It can keep your cat engaged and happy for hours.
✔️When your cat hunts the butterflies its mental health improves
✔️It has a simple on and off switch
✔️Actually, this interactive toy can help your cat get the happiness it gets in wilderness.

Electric Flying Bird Toy


Excellent cat toys for indoor cats are not so hard to find. The flying bird toy is designed in such way that it encourages active play. Your cat can enjoy running behind the bird and thus exercising while playing. It is considered as one of the best kitten toys for the features it has.
?Comes with a solid base and has innovative design.
?The base has a motor that makes the bird toys rotate in 360.
?The steel wires keeps the birds fixed thoroughly with the base.
?It is rust free, durable and flexible.
?It needs AAA batteries for operation.
✔️This interactive toy let your cat flip, pounce, run, flip and dive.
✔️Regular exercise can make your cat get healthy and promote its mental development.
✔️It is one of the cheap cat toys available in the market.
✔️It is battery operated that means it is risk free as no electricity is involved.

Remote Control Mouse


Cat loves chasing a mouse and if you can even engage them with a remote control cat toy. Get this remote control mouse toy for cats and laught at your cat chasing it throughout your home.
?Remote controlled mouse that will let your cat chase it
?Requires AAA batteries for operation
?It has very durable design
?Available in three different colors
?Best to use on wooden floors as it can be shaggy when it runs on carpets.
✔️An ideal toy that will make your cat play with it for hours
✔️It looks realistic that will make your cat love it once it sees the mouse

Wand/teaser cat toys

Most of these want-teaser toys are made with something feather like or shiny to attract the attention of your cat. These kind of toys are truly amazing because you can tease and play with your cat without getting scratched or bitten from the cat.

Da Bird Cat Toy Review


Your cat will love da bird cat toy as they run after it when you tease them with this toy. They are colourful and the sound it makes in the air will surely attract your cat.
?Fluttering movements trigger your cat’s predatory instinct. It will make your cat crazy!
?Original Guinea Feathers For Maximum Engagement
?Perfect Way to Bond With Your Cat
?As Seen on “My Cat From Hell” by Jackson Galaxy.
✔️Ideal toy for your cat as they love playing with them when you tease them with the wand.
✔️The attractive colors makes them active so that they stay healthy
✔️They will jump, pounce, prowl once you tease them with the colourful wand

Catnip toys

The toys are made with material that is stuffed with catnip. It makes the cat love the toy and they spend hours on it.

Catnip Kicker Toy Review


As the name suggests this is ideal kicker toy that will make your cat stay around the toy for hours. They are great cat treat toy.
?Made with high quality soft hair plush that is ideal for your cat.
?It is soft and available in different prints
?The catnip inside attracts the cats
✔️You can do almost anything with these cool cat toys.
✔️They will love kicking it, playing with its tail or roll with it.
✔️It can keep your cat attracted for hours as they love the smell of catnip in it.

Crazy Mouse Soft Catnip Toy


Cat’s love for mice is world famous and this catnip toy is ideal for them. Available in different designs of mouse they are cool cat toys for indoor cats.
?Each mouse is built with high quality material that makes them long lasting.
?It has organic catnip that is healthy for your cat.
?The bounce of this toy is indeed great.
✔️As it is made with organic catnip it is totally safe for your cat.
✔️The mouse bounces giving your cat a realistic effect.
✔️There are mice of different designs and colors.

Catnip Kicker Crazy Fish Toy


Want to see your cat snuggling at this fish once it sees it? This cat toy is one of the best cat chew toys as it is safe and good for their health. It is cheap and your cat will love it!
?Cats love fish and these soft toys are ideal for your cat
?They can chew them and spend hours playing with them
?Not available in pet stores but you can order them online
✔️Made up of high quality material that is safe for your cat.
✔️Very attractive toy for any cat type.
✔️Cats love licking it, bitting it, playing with it or just snuggling around it.

Realistic Fish Toy for Cats


This realistic fish toy for cats is one of the best cat toys for indoor cats. These cool fish toys are made with plush cotton that is soft and is not harmful for the paws. Your cat will love the realistic fish toys.

?They are made up of cotton and soft plush and thus do not harm the paws of your cat
?Filled with cat mint your loves
?They are real looking and are available in different styles
✔️It is very realistic fish toy that your cat will enjoy for hours
✔️It is safe for your cat to play with toy
✔️It gives company to your cat when you are not at home
✔️Helps in building relationship between you and your cat

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