Bed Bug Cat

Bed Bug Cat
Due to bed bug cat are also facing lots of problem. Usually bed bug makes host of man but sometimes it also attack cats and dogs. Bed bugs never stay on their host but reside nearby host in the approachable area. Many people believe that bed bugs are spread through cats. These bug cats stays on their host and bites them. These bed bug animal seems like very small helpless creature but it is not so. In fact they make the animals helpless in which they reside.

There are many other little nuisance creature which attacks the pet. The list is topped by fleas. Fleas get on the cat if it gets out excessively and mix with other animals. If bitten by flea cat scratch it excessively. The list continues with mites. Mites that are found on cat body are called Mange. If bitten by mites cat scratch them to get rid of mite which worsen the wound. A tick is another pest which host on warm blooded animals. Ticks carry dangerous disease which is not fatal to cat. If bitten by ticks cats can be very irritated with ticks burrowing. Cats may develop some allergy due to cat bite which may even lead to Lyme disease.

Though lice are not very common in cats but cats in very poor condition may get affected by it. Lice cat can be seen with naked eyes. So it is easy to remove them from cats. Due to lice cat may develop scratch on skin and even they show dry skin like dandruff.

Cat scabies are also called as notedric mange. Bitten by mites scabies cat develop severe itching and irritation. Hair loss is most common symptoms of scabies in cats. Spider bite is very rare in cat. Sometimes spiders are toy for cat but few times it may be dangerous poisonous spider. Due to bites of spider cat may suffer from muscle cramping.
So its important to take care of our lovable cats and protect them from these small but powerful monsters.


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